VMDO is made up of 3 design studios committed to K12, Higher Education, and Athletics + Community. In addition to a full-range of architectural services, we offer specializations in Environmental Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Sustainable Design. We strive to create lasting, memorable places that are expressive of a community’s highest aims and attuned to the needs of each individual.


Passionate about uplifting education, the K12 studio has nationally recognized expertise in: pre-K, elementary, middle, and high school planning and design focusing on educating the whole child, health & wellness research, high performance schools, and how the building itself can be a tool for teaching.

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View K12 Projects

Higher Education

Dedicated to transforming campuses at institutions across the country, the Higher Education studio has expertise in comprehensive campus planning plus innovative site and building design for: academics, the arts, libraries, and centers for student and residence life.

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View Higher Education Projects

Athletics + Community

With a commitment to creating exceptional venues for connection, the Athletics + Community studio is widely recognized for expertise in: arenas + stadia, practice + training facilities, recreation + fitness spaces, and track + field complexes that support the student athlete while bringing people together to experience the drama of sport.

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Athletics + Community Expertise

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Sustainable Design

Successful design and construction is an outstanding achievement by any standard, but deeper green aspirations necessitate demonstrated expertise, creative vision, and coordinated planning. VMDO’s commitment to Sustainable Design is reflected in our holistic approach that takes into account data-driven energy efficiency measures, natural site resources, and the human side of health, wellness, and eco-literacy to create environments that harmoniously connect people, place, and purpose.

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Interior Design

Skilled at the art of matching color, texture, furnishing, and surface with the mood and program of a space, the Interior Design studio translates programmatic needs into compelling and functional spaces that can host a wide variety of personalities and experiences at any given time.

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Environmental Graphic Design

The Environmental Graphic Design studio bridges the gap between human interaction and the built environment through the use of color, signage, materials, exhibits, wayfinding, theming, and digital interaction – all carefully designed to evoke emotion, foster teachable moments, and provide deep content that directly relates to the architecture around it.

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