Andres Pacheco

Andres Pacheco


Senior Associate

A native of Ecuador, Andres earned his Bachelor’s in Architecture at Catholic University in Guayaquil. His time as a designer at the ‘Guayaquil Historic Park,’ where innovations in bamboo, reclaimed wood, and other non-traditional construction were typical, taught him to value simplicity in design and economy in the material. Andres also enjoyed his time as Design Studio and Materials and Methods professor at the Architecture School at Catholic University, where he promoted architecture as a true instrument of social change.

Andres Pacheco joined VMDO in 2013 and has more than 20 years of experience working on multiple projects in varied climates and cultures like China, India, Ecuador, Europe, and the U.S. His experience working across a range of project types has nurtured his innate curiosity and drive to express the unique qualities of a project and its place through the medium of design.

Andres’ approach uses big ideas to push the boundaries of design opportunities, discovering holistic solutions that maximize existing site resources and reap healthy benefits for end users. He recently served as the lead Project Designer Architect for Lubber Run Community Center, which was a recipient of an AIA National Architecure Award. The project implements an innovative site approach to preserve precious open space, embedding an array of community programming underground beneath a folding, green landscape. He also served as the lead Project Designer Architect for the renovation of Thurston Hall at the George Washington University, which creates a vibrant, urban courtyard at its center.

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