Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson



A second-generation architect, Ben’s interest in architecture developed at an early age. Contributing 15 years of practice experience and an in-depth knowledge of building design and construction, Ben values and possesses a unique talent for artistic craft and attention to detail. Adept at overseeing all aspects of project phases, Ben applies a variety of technical skills and expertise to project coordination, development, and documentation, often using a combination of computer modeling and hand-sketching abilities to effectively communicate ideas at the planning, concept, and detail levels.

During his tenure at VMDO, Ben has served as the lead designer on several significant K12 projects, leading diverse planning workshops and engaging a broad group of stakeholders for a variety of public school clients. Working closely with user and community groups to establish a clear vision and deliver customized and contextual solutions to each unique circumstance, Ben brings a fresh optimism and team-oriented approach to the design process and development of every project.

Ben has heart for connecting with people in meaningful ways, and sees the process of design as an opportunity to foster relationships and collectively elevate the work we do together. Recently, Ben has served as the Project Architect for the Jackson-Via Elementary School Classroom Modernization as part of VMDO’s ongoing work with Charlottesville City Schools, working closely with school advisory groups to imagine new and innovative spaces for their existing elementary schools city-wide.

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