Christina Filippini

Christina Filippini


Christina Filippini just knew at a young age that design was her future. It was that singular focus that propelled her to graduate with honors (with an academic award and grant scholarship) from NC State University with a Bachelor in Architecture. With a creative upbringing in Raleigh - the crossroads of the urban and the rural - she was exposed to home remodeling, interiors, and design. This exposure, augmented by extensive travel throughout her youth, brings an appreciation of culture to the forefront of Christina's design mindset.

While at NCSU, Christina realized that she wanted to explore the relationship between public and private educational programming. A quiet yet thoughtful observer, Christina seeks to use design as a tool to enhance communities, represent cultures, and create meaningful experiences. She is inspired to create multi-faceted educational spaces that have the power to bring joy to children while remaining functional and purposeful, uniting the people (and cultures) within.


Bachelor of Science, Architecture, North Carolina State University, 2021

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