Hana Nguyenky

Hana Nguyenky

Though Hana was born and raised in Orange County, California, Charlottesville is fast becoming home. A curious individual with a desire to be constantly learning, Hana is pursuing her goal to explore and develop the intersection of architecture and anthropology. By researching how human nature and nurture reacts to the built environment, and how said environment's nature nurtures us, she seeks to form answers to her lifelong curiosity of the world and its inhabitants.

During her time at Woodbury University, Hana had the opportunity to work with a high school in Los Angeles, to build mobile structures that would help promote healthy living choices among their student body. This experience has led to her belief that small and simple designs can impact a greater community when it understands their daily life and seeks to nurture their lifestyle. Joining VMDO with its education and community-centered design is the perfect place to learn, work and explore this belief.


Master of Science in Architecture Design and Research - Concentration in Digital and Material Technologies, University of Michigan, 2019

Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in Anthropology, Woodbury University, 2018