Hayley Owens

Hayley Owens


Hayley is interested in the interconnected nature of communities, bridging disciplines to investigate what plants and natural systems might have to teach us about our own diverse communities. Her undergraduate thesis work explored how architecture can respond to a disconnected and desensitized culture through places that re-associate the rhythms of human and natural systems. By evoking curiosity, users might reflect on their connection to others, the natural world, and themselves.

Growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia she became interested in the many different groups of people that lived here and the spaces that each occupied in comfort and discomfort. In college she balanced her time in the studio with time at the local middle school working with a notoriously self-conscious age group. It is with an empathetic perspective that she approaches projects, asking, "How is it to be an outsider looking in?", "An insider looking out?", and "How do we create spaces where both can gain understanding of each other?"


Bachelor of Architecture / Minor in Landscape Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2019


Old Dominion University Student Health + Wellness Center

University of New Orleans Campus Master Plan

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