Heather Monk

Heather Monk


Marketing Manager

Marketing in the A/E/C industry is not for the faint of heart. And while Heather hides in the closet during thunderstorms and has an abject fear of balloon animals (and the clowns that make them), her role as Marketing Manager feeds her joy of creating and secret love of chaotic situations in a way that only another marketer in this business could understand.

Knowing that decisions are generally made from the heart and not the head, Heather spent 13 years working for an engineering firm where her mission was to insert the right brain – and the whole heart - into a very left-brain world. The result? Marketing campaigns that appealed to larger audiences and an internal culture that learned to add humor and creativity into the professional toolbox to live alongside logic and reason.

Now at VMDO – architects are a perfect mix of the right and left brain – Heather strives to build on a marketing strategy that connects innovative and thoughtful designers with spirited and transformational projects.


Bachelor of Arts, Radford University