Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson



Perceptive. Opportunistic. Inspired. Jim brings insight to each project in both depth and breadth. His design work is distinctive for its thoughtful balance of conceptual coherence and resolved ingenuity, founded in a deep understanding of site, function, and performance. Jim strives to find and celebrate the unique qualities of each place in order to create authentic, meaningful, and enduring architecture. His work demonstrates craft with attention to details that derive from a belief that place and materials have an effect on people, and that architecture articulates our experiences.

Jim’s designs are rooted in how he works. He listens actively, engages thoughtfully, and advances collaboration. In this way, Jim elevates the quality of VMDO's design thinking and deliverables in service to clients, their communities, and the practice of professional architecture. A conscientious architect and team leader, Jim has been diligently overseeing VMDO’s largest and longest project yet – the multi-phased Centennial Village at the University of Miami – while also working behind-the-scenes to promote the success of firm-wide projects like VMDO’s annual Ethos design publication and travel fellowship. Jim has enjoyed contributing to a diverse body of projects at VMDO since 2007, and has taught architectural design studio at the University of Virginia School of Architecture in 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2016.

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