Joe Atkins

Joe Atkins



Joe has thirty years of experience designing iconic buildings and landscapes for college and university campuses. His upfront planning and design efforts are instrumental in creating sites and structures that fit seamlessly with their surroundings, are carefully attuned to their use, and contribute to making lasting and meaningful places.

As a key member of the firm and Leader of the Higher Education Studio, Joe brings clear conceptual thinking, strong design vision, and diligent attention to detail to each of his engagements. With a particular strength in designing new buildings within historic contexts, he is adept at distilling the needs and desires of a wide spectrum of stakeholders and responding with inspired architecture.

In all of his projects, Joe takes the lead early in the process to coordinate and synthesize the collaborative design roles of the team and its array of consultants. By fusing the disciplines of engineering, campus planning, and landscape architecture, his teams translate inventive educational programs into built form. He believes that finding and elevating what is unique about each campus lays the groundwork for a successful project.

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