Joey Laughlin

Joey Laughlin

Joey Laughlin joined the VMDO team after receiving his Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia in May of 2015. Since his arrival, he has enjoyed designing and advancing K12 spaces, in which the next generation of leaders, artists, and professionals will learn. In addition to practicing at VMDO, Joey is also a visiting studio professor at the University of Virginia. He finds the teaching experience to be simultaneously inspirational, fulfilling, and challenging as it pushes his design agenda at the firm too.

Under the broad umbrella of architecture, Joey is intrigued as to how design and the built environment can provide inspirational and functional spaces for people to learn, work, and live. For example, how might design activate one’s senses and relate well to the place in which it exists? In addition to the experiential side of design, he is equally interested in the development of creative, innovative solutions to resolve the more technical complexities. For example, how might a building use passive strategies to reduce its energy footprint and perform well in its climate? Ultimately, each of these ideas relates to the crafting of architecture both in compositional form and performance, toward the betterment of the community.

In addition to working at VMDO, Joey finds enjoyment, rejuvenation, and inspiration in exploring. Whether it be hiking in the Appalachians, cooking foreign cuisine, or experiencing new cultures abroad, he is always up for an adventure!


Masters of Architecture, University of Virginia, 2015

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Nebraska, 2013