JP Mays

JP Mays



Since joining VMDO in 2007, JP has provided design, visualization, documentation, and construction administration for new construction and renovation projects of various scales and scopes. A member of VMDO’s Higher Education studio, JP is passionate about creating beautiful, high-performing buildings and has contributed to the success of over a dozen projects.

Through his attention to detail and dedication to project goals, JP enjoys offering high levels of client service from preliminary design through construction. His constant pursuit of architectural excellence combined with his commitment to high standards for documentation and design is the foundation that underlies his diverse skill-set and project expertise. JP is always exploring architectural innovation and he is ahead of the curve in the pursuit of new technology, building information modeling, and data-informed design solutions.

JP is passionate about collaborating with colleagues and clients on best practices for navigating the complexities of campus projects, including design constraints, regulatory bodies, and fixed schedules. By weaving detailed consultant coordination, efficient team communication, and a broad understanding of influencing factors, he endeavors to create buildings and spaces that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

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