Kim Faber

Having graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s in Architectural Design in May of 2017, Kim is excited to join the team at VMDO in the Athletics + Community Studio. She is currently involved in the design of both the Lubber Run Community Center and Burundi Athletics Center.

Kim’s passion for architecture and design began at an early age when she found herself drawn to work alongside her father who is a carpenter. During her years at JMU, she became increasingly focused on the fabrication side of architecture. The related skills come naturally to her. Through fabrication, Kim enjoys exploring the ways in which small details interact and how these interactions impact overall design.

In addition to her love of design, Kim enjoys traveling. Perhaps her most influential journey has been to Krakow, Poland where she immersed herself in a two-week design studio. Here she drew inspiration from the Polish culture while participating in a collaborative experiment that involved screen printing with fellow designers. Kim plans on attending graduate school in future. Prior to that she is excited to further develop her interest, skills and contribute to the rich creative environment that is VMDO.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Design, James Madison University, 2017