Lorenzo Battistelli

Lorenzo Battistelli


Senior Associate

Inspired by his Italian roots and his abiding interest in architectural history and historic design, Lorenzo serves as VMDO’s in-house technical documentation specialist, providing detailed guidance in helping execute some of the firm's most technically complex projects, including the 522,000 SF multi-phased Centennial Village at the University of Miami.

With every project, Lorenzo’s aim and responsibility is to decipher the building and get to know it both from a detailed physical and digital perspective. Lorenzo’s studious inspection of a building allows him to translate it carefully and accurately into a 3D BIM model format. A labor of love, this accurate modeling supports the creation of a compelling series of drawings and streamlined communication regarding what is in need of further refinement or investigation and what is not. These visualization efforts allow the building’s design to come together in a coordinated document that is as precise as it is thoughtful.

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