Matthew Yashar

Matthew Yashar


Having been raised by two architects, Matthew developed an early appreciation for the finer details of design and construction – an interest that grew working with his father on several construction projects in his family home. Matthew’s passion for architecture was honed at Virginia Tech, where he became interested in sustainable and organic design – particularly the relationship between nature and the built environment. His undergraduate thesis, Mutualism: A School for Nature, aimed to understand how the built environment can shape how we react to and interact with the natural world. Utilizing an elementary school as a case study, the thesis explored how youth perceive natural phenomena as they grow and learn.

Outside the office, Matthew enjoys delving into hands-on activities like woodworking, ceramics, gardening, and baking. An adventurer, Matthew also loves to explore the world through photography – capturing vistas that inspire his passion for conserving and integrating nature in our urban environments.


Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech, 2020

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