Mira Abdalla

Mira Abdalla

Associate AIA

As an Egyptian-American growing up in Tampa, Florida, Mira was exposed to a variety of cultures, communities, and building typologies throughout her upbringing. With early interests in psychology, theology, and anthropology, Mira’s passion stems from studying people and their unique cultures and lifestyles. She feels that architecture – as a way of designing the settings for so many people’s stories – is the perfect way to address all these topics in one, understanding people and catering to their needs in a very special way.

Mira began exploring her interest in architecture at Tampa Bay Technical High School, where she attended an architectural drafting program and founded one of the first high school chapters in the AIAS. She then earned her Bachelor of Design in Architecture with a Minor in Sustainability in the Built Environment at the University of Florida, where she continued to be heavily involved in AIAS and various other organizations, working closely with AIA members to create new programs and events for students and members of the Gainesville community. Fascinated by the intersection of psychology and architecture, she used her undergraduate thesis project to explore how phenomenological architecture in an urban setting can be used to evoke, increase awareness of, and respond to peoples' emotions.

Mira believes that architecture is first and foremost about people, and she is excited to work with VMDO to design transformative spaces that celebrate students’ varied backgrounds and empower them to be their strongest, healthiest, and happiest selves.


Bachelor of Design, Architecture, University of Florida, 2022

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