Nathan Fitzsimmons

Nathan Fitzsimmons

Nathan discovered his passion for architecture through the transformation of his hometown, Greenville, SC. Early on, Nathan understood the impact that architecture had on communities within his city. Whether good or bad, architecture influences the way people interact with their space and has the power to reconstruct the cultural landscape. He feels that architects have a duty to design for the future, that’s why Nathan believes in sustainable methods and design to build a healthy environment for future generations.

Nathan received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Clemson University in 2020 with a Minor in Sustainability, and his Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia in 2022. He pursued research opportunities at both schools focused on material fabrication with an application to real-word technologies. One of the greatest advantages of architecture is the connections created through the process and influence the way we think about design. Nathan believes that we are continually learning in architecture and enjoys the process of developing good design through experiences. Joining VMDO, Nathan is excited to learn and develop projects that align with VMDO’s mission to serve communities, design for the future, and use design to transform human experience.


Master of Architecture, University of Virginia, 2022

Bachelor of Arts, Architecture, Clemson University, 2020