Sidney Griffin

Sidney Griffin


Director of Digital Design, Associate

As Director of Digital Technology, Sidney supports the development and integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in all of VMDO’s projects. Responsible for managing BIM related issues and tasks, Sidney supports efficient and streamlined project delivery by:

  • Reinforcing standards
  • Refining models and BIM deliverables
  • Enhancing reporting and design review
  • Facilitating model handover from the design team to the general contractor

In addition, Sidney develops the requirements and standards for integrating submittals, shop drawings, RFI tracking, manufacturer’s data and as-built information into the BIM model. He works with the design team and general contractor to facilitate early release of prefabricated components, workflow systems, model utilization through construction, and integration into the commissioning process.

Overall, Sidney contributes significantly to the efficiency and success of all VMDO projects, from pre-design through final completion. His breadth and depth of technical skills and modeling expertise help bring VMDO’s designs to life.