Ameya Kaulaskar

Ameya Kaulaskar


Ameya was born and raised in Mumbai, India. Being brought up in a big city he was always interested in the systems that shape our behavior and developed a passion for understanding space and cities. He graduated with a Masters's in Architecture and Urban Design from Virginia Tech and has also tried his hand at studying philosophy. He has a strong research interest. He believes that design is “The articulation of resources to form spatial arrangements for social and cultural engagements for humans”. Thus in a design process, he always strives for clarity from the big project idea to the crafting of the small detail.

Before joining VMDO, Ameya worked for ISTUDIO Architects in Washington, DC. He also did several research pursuits at Virginia Tech. He also has worked for 3 years in India with prominent architecture firms.


Masters of Architecture, Virginia Tech

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