Located in Charlottesville, VA, and Washington, DC VMDO Architects is a lively, creative, and passionate firm committed to connecting people and places through design. VMDO enjoys success with a diverse team of architects, designers, and a support staff of 80 providing architectural design for a variety of educational institutions, communities, and municipalities.

We are currently recruiting:

  • Designers (0 - 3 Years of Professional Experience)
  • Architect I / Architectural Staff I (3 - 5 years)
  • Architect II / Architectural Staff II (6+ years)

If you are interested in learning more and joining the VMDO Team, please click here to apply.


  • Work closely with junior and senior project leaders (Job Captain, PA, PMs) to execute and develop design or technical solutions in each phase of the project delivery process
  • Collaborate with team members and consultants to develop and document design solutions in digital (Revit and Sketchup) or hand (sketch or physical model)
  • Perform specific and limited portions of design, material and building systems research as prescribed and reviewed by project leader
  • Prepare digital documentation related to all phases of the project process under the review and supervision of a project leader
  • Prepare digital files and documents for printing output and distribution to project stakeholders


  • Undergraduate or Graduate degree from a NAAB-accredited Architecture or CIDA-accredited Interior Design Education Program


  • Strong design and/or technical skills
  • Excellent graphic and verbal communication skills
  • Competence in working within a collaborative design environment
  • Ability to work independently to carry out instructions with intermittent input and supervision
  • Proficiency in documenting design details from the project lead. Confidence in generating solutions, expanding on the information provided, and exploring alternate solutions for consideration.
  • Experience working at varied scales of design and in both digital and hand-drawn formats
  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative and MS Office Suites
  • Proficiency in 3D modeling, experience in rendering, presentation, and design in software such as Revit, Sketch Up, or Rhino
  • Proficiency in physical model making and hand drawing/sketching is a plus


  • Creative, organized, communicative, responsible, and team-oriented
  • Possess an ongoing commitment to improving one’s craft in a wide range of tasks
  • Interest in participating in firm initiatives outside one’s assigned work, professional or community organizations, and activities that will enhance your knowledge of architecture and design
  • Enthusiasm for continued growth and learning
  • Interest in sustainable design practices and motivation to pursue LEED accreditation by the first anniversary of employment


If you are interested in learning more and joining the VMDO Team, please click here to apply. If you have trouble accessing the link or have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our hiring teams at your office of interest: