Jing Huang

Jing joined VMDO in the Fall of 2019 after completing her Master of Architecture at University of Virginia. She has a keen eye for innovative solutions and uses her understanding of different cultures to solve complicated design problems. She is interested in the relationships between environmental history and architectural design and focuses on designing communities in diverse religions, cultures, typologies, and human societies.

Growing up in her hometown of Anhui, China, Jing was always surrounded by the ancient Hui style of Chinese architecture. It was the Hui style of architecture that provided Jing with a high level of design inspiration. During her 7 years of professional architecture study, she has traveled to many countries to deepen her knowledge of historic cultural backgrounds. This knowledge of environmental and historical elements informs her understanding of how architecture can positively impact communities.


Master of Architecture , University of Virginia, 2019

Bachelor of Architecture, Tianjin Chengjian University, 2017


University of Florida Honors Residential College