Michelle Amt

Michelle Amt


Director of Sustainability and Inclusion, Principal

Michelle is a licensed architect with over twenty years of national and international experience covering a wide range of project types—from garden pavilions and academic, commercial, and industrial buildings to development frameworks and corporate guidelines. A golden thread that runs through her work is an unwavering commitment to creating meaningful, beautiful, and regenerative places for this and future generations.

As the firm’s Director of Sustainability and Inclusion, Michelle brings both high-level aspiration and real-life experience in delivering high performance spaces to all of VMDO’s projects. She works with clients and their design teams to establish project-specific principles, goals, and targets at the beginning of the process, and then provides continual support toward their realization in built form. In addition, Michelle leads the firm’s building systems and materials research efforts and VMDO’s own internal sustainability initiatives.

Michelle believes that sustainability is the foundation of design excellence, and that a robust sustainability agenda can deepen the connections between our buildings, their local and global communities, and the natural world.


Master of Architecture, Princeton University, 1997

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Florida, 1993

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