David Oakland

David Oakland


Founding Partner

David is a founding partner of VMDO and leads the firm’s higher education practice, designing buildings that support academic and student life with great purpose and exceptional quality. Having worked for over 30 colleges and universities, David has a profound understanding of collegiate institutional culture. Many of VMDO’s client relationships began with David’s thoughtful campus plans, detailed roadmaps for attaining an institution’s highest aspirations. By looking through a wide lens to see an entire picture, David is able to distinguish both the details and the broader long-range view of a campus. This dual vision supports David in developing insightful yet pragmatic design solutions that respond to the complex challenges facing campuses today.

In addition to his design expertise, VMDO has benefited from David’s executive vision and management acumen. David has been instrumental in not only leading the growth of VMDO, but also in supporting and raising the trajectories of employee careers. His belief in the firm as a training ground for young architects has translated into enthusiastic mentoring. Thanks to his support, David’s younger colleagues have become successful principals, associates, and leaders in the field at VMDO and beyond.

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